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We're No Longer A Footwear Brand

Okay before you freak right out and start scouring eBay for every last pair of TWOOBS ever made, let us reassure you: we do still sell shoes. 

But this statement is as true as Ryan Gosling is hot: we’re no longer a footwear brand.

So what are we? We’re so glad you asked... 

We’re a kinda footwear brand.  

See, we didn’t agree with the way most shoes were being created. So we decided to create something, well, kinder.

It’s no secret that the world is a pretty crazy place right now: we’re facing massive changes to our climate, people are homeless and starving and our bees are mysteriously disappearing… oh yeh, and just casually we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

It’s pretty easy to feel like all of this is beyond our control.

But we believe that one thing is within our control, and that’s the way we do business.

For so long, business has been operating in the same way, which all boils down to one pretty simple thing: make money.

Make money. Make money. Make money. Make some more. 

This worked kinda fine in the beginning, but then at some point we started to see some holes in this seemingly flawless plan.

All those vehicle manufacturers making money led to billions of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

All those water bottle companies making money led to billions of pieces of plastic in our oceans.

All those fast food outlets making money led to billions of people having heart disease and diabetes. 

We could go on… but we think you get the picture. 

So as our old mate Shakespeare once wrote: What’s done is done. This has happened; it’s our reality. 

But just because we’ve always done things a certain way, doesn’t mean we don’t have the ability to change them.

Just think about women not having the right to vote, or slavery, or people wearing fur (we’re still working on that last one).

In fact, when you think about, when you realise something’s been done the same way for such a long time, that is precisely the moment that change is most needed. 

So as we armor up to take on challenges that humans have never before faced, we put down our weapons and prepare to fight with something so much more powerful: kindness.

We pledge to be kind and to bring that kindness with us into everything that we do.

We pledge to be kind to animals.

We pledge to be kind to humans.

We pledge to be kind to the earth.

We pledge to put kindness front and centre before our profits, every damn day of the week. 

Because if we don’t have kindness, we have NOTHING. Not a metaphorical nothing, but a literal nothing where humans destroy each other, humans destroy the planet, and ultimately, the planet destroys humans.

Pretty bleak.

But imagine for a moment: a world where kindness is put before all else.

Where vehicle manufacturers are motivated through kindness to find ways to transport billions of people while having a positive impact on the environment.

Where water bottle companies are motivated through kindness to pull billions of plastics out of the oceans and create reusable bottles.

Where fast food outlets are motivated through kindness to bring nourishing food to billions of people.

A world where we’re all so downright kind to each other that the earth thrives and flourishes with happiness, and so do the people and animals within it.

Now we don’t know about you, but that is the kinda world we want to live.

Jess & Stef, TWOOBS Founders