Which TWOOBS SS19 Style Are You According to Your Star Sign?

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Aries – You are driven and independent, and whilst you’re always assessing the big picture, you make decisions with your heart. You’re a true wanderer, no amount of travel ever manages to satisfy you. You often find yourself on wild adventures that whisk you away in the blink of an eye, but you always remember to stop and appreciate the small things in life. Kaelin // Jensen is perfect for your vibe.



Taurus – You are strong, quiet and kind. You’re the total rock of your friendship group. Everybody always confides in you and so they should, because you give the best advice! You are so generous and down to earth, and are able to relate to practically anyone. You need something that’s a staple and will complement anything, just like you do. Jett // Jaya is your perfect pair.


Gemini – You’re talkative, curious and wild, so you need a pair that will reflect your bold personality. You’ve got the best sense of humour, and are always making the people around you laugh, which is why nobody ever gets bored in your company. With jewels that shine as bright as you do, Bely // Mayra is your match.



Cancer – You are caring, understanding and nurturing. You’re super faithful. Your friends can always rely on you to protect them. You always find yourself surrounded by good people, because you attract the kind energy you put out. Ester // Saskia is the perfect soft style to suit your warm characteristics and gentle nature.



Leo – Fierce, optimistic and compassionate, you love to be in the limelight. Whether it be performing on a stage or captivating the attention of a room with an outrageous story, you are always the centre of attention. With a vibrant hue and luxe metallic finish, Alessandra // Adrienne is sure to make you stand out from the crowd.


Virgo – You’re meticulous, detailed and friendly. You are super intelligent and practical, and know how to use your eye for detail to your advantage whether it be knocking a work project out of the park or pulling together the perfect outfit with a careful eye for accessories. Your style is always well thought out from head to toe and Neve // Tarni is that perfect finishing touch to your look.


Libra – You are social, charming and diplomatic. You have no trouble making friends and are known for your laid back personality. You love to keep the peace, and are known for being the voice of reason and can diffuse almost any conflict. In a shade that will adapt to practically anything just like you can, Mia // Ricki is your ideal shoe.



Scorpio – You are super brave and ambitious, always aiming above and beyond and exceeding expectations. Passionate, creative and intense, you are truly an individual and a free spirit. You’re not into following the crowd, you’d rather pave your own way. Lilly // Muka is your ideal pair.


Sagittarius – You are intelligent, humourous and energetic. You can always be spotted with a big smile on your face, and are the first one to suggest an exciting activity or wild adventure. You need a pair of shoes that will reflect your love of life and desire to have fun. Sunny // Bronte is your girl.


Capricorn – You are one ambitious chick. You’ve got big plans for yourself but lucky you’re disciplined and know how to manage your time to achieve your goals. You’re realistic and organised, but know how to let loose when the time is right. Polly // Grace will strike that sweet balance between your fun and serious sides.


Aquarius – You are intelligent, grounded, and individual with an epic sense of humour. Your dream is to make the world a better place, and you try to live every day working towards it. You are super loyal to your friends and could spend hours showing off your intelligence and curiosity in deep and meaningful conversations with just about anyone. Ella // Zara will help you show off your uniqueness to the world.



Pisces – Empathetic, artistic and dreamy, you are something otherworldly. You’re always thinking outside the box, and use your intuition to make decisions. You need to adorn your feet with something ethereal and imaginative just like you. You’ll turn heads in Imani // Hailey.


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