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Closet Clean Out FAQs

What will be available in the closet clean out?
Super unique one-offs that never made it to production, past season faves, and current season gems that have had a starring role in our campaign shoots.

What condition are the samples in?
Most pairs show slight wear on the sole as they have been used on shoots and runways, however if they have any further signs of wear they will be clearly marked and pictured. The condition will be reflected in the price.

What sizes are your samples?
A mix! There’s something for everyone.

Will you ship internationally?
This Closet Clean Out is only open to Australia and NZ, however international friends follow us on Instagram @twoobs and let us know if you want to get involved next time round!

Do you accept returns or exchanges on Closet Clean Out items?
Unfortunately as stocks are super limited all Closet Clean Out sales are final.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is a flat rate of $10.

Will my shoes be sent standard or express?
All orders will be dispatched with standard shipping. 

How long after I place my order will my TWOOBS arrive?
The perfect amount of time for a Hawaii vacation (remember those?) - about a week, but let’s say up to 10 days just to be sure. 

Can I pick up my order?
As much as we’d like to say hey and see the smile on your face when you receive your TWOOBS, due to COVID-19 restrictions we’re unable to arrange for local pickup.

Will the Closet Clean Out sell out fast?
Computer says yes! Our samples are extremely limited and highly sought after and we expect them to sell out very quickly, especially one-off styles.

What do I do if my shoes arrive and the size or fit just isn't right?
If it’s not a match made in heaven for you and your TWOOBS, you can still come out a winner: You could be the BEST friend ever and gift them to someone you love (Xmas is right around the corner!) or donate them to your local op shop for someone else to score. 

Are all of your samples made from recycled materials?
Some of the samples available are from before our environmental pivot, which means they do not contain a recycled component. Any pairs that this applies to will be clearly marked on the product. And of course all of our shoes are 100% PETA-approved vegan.

I had a pair of shoes in my cart, but now it says sold out! What’s going on?
Just a heads up, placing shoes into your shopping cart doesn’t reserve the item for you. The item is definitely yours once payment has been processed and you receive your order confirmation email.

I've never bought TWOOBS before, how do I know my size?
While TWOOBS are quite standard in length, it’s worth noting their width runs a little on the narrow side. To find your best fit, you can measure your foot against our size guide! We also recommend moving up one size in Sneakys, as they run a little small.

I missed out on the pair I wanted, will they come back?
We won’t be restocking any of the styles available during this Closet Clean Out. We’ve searched our warehouse high and low so that all items available to you are everything we have on hand!

I placed my order but now I want another pair! Can I combine them into one delivery?
If you purchase an item from our Closet Clean Out and would like to purchase another pair, please go ahead and place your new order to ensure you don’t miss out. Send us an email at to let us know and we’ll do our very best to combine your purchases into one order. 

I forgot to add Protecty Stuff! Can I add that to my order?
If your order has not yet been dispatched and you’d like to add Protecty Stuff, please send us an email at We’ll issue you a separate invoice to pay for it, and once processed we’ll add it to your order. 

Is there a limit on how many pairs I can buy?
Nope, but as always, we encourage you to shop thoughtfully, and to ask yourself if you really need the additional pair before checking out with them.

How long will the Closet Clean Out last?
As long as stocks last.. *hint* probs not long.

Is everything that is in the Closet Clean Out avaiable from the start?

Can I buy shoes from the Closet Clean Out + a full-priced pair in the same order?
Yes! You can absolutely purchase a pair of shoes from our Closet Clean Out + a pair from our current collection at full price, however, please note that your sample pair will be sent separately.

Why does the colour of the shoes look a little different in the second photo?
While we are multi-talented, let's leave the photography to the professionals. Please refer to the first image for the best colour refrence!